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Aaton Penelope S35 Film Camera

Aaton Penelope S35 Film Camera

SKU: gr

Switchable between 2 and 3 perf
4 Mags
Top Handle
Screw In Shutter Tool
Screw In pitch tool
Top handle tool
PL Mount
Gate Cover
Heater Eyecup
12” or 9” steel 19mm rod
Wooden Handgrip
Doubler Coupler
Handgrip extension
Left Handgrip
FE-3 extension Viewfinder w/2 caps
EPL Eyepiece leveler
BP8 2 piece bridge plate/dovetail
2x Stainless 18” 19mm rod
4x 120 Screw in Rod
2x 60mm Screw in Rod
2x Cha-Li battery dual charger w/power cable
4x 14,8v Liion On board battery
2x Coiled L2 on/off cable
2x PS F2-F4 Coiled heater eyecup cable
2x Abel L6 to XLR4 12v accessory power cable
2x Abel F4 to XLR4 & BNC monitor y cable
Blue cable pouch
Penelope Manual
Innerspace Case


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