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Arri Alexa Mini Package

Arri Alexa Mini Package


Package with approx. 1617 hours

Used Alexa Mini Camera
Arri Raw License, 4:3 License,Arri Look Library
1 x antenna
1 x K2.0003216 Titanium PL LDS mount with LBUS
1 x K2.0001103 ARRI EF Lens Mount for ALEXA Mini
1 x K2.0008135 Cable ALEXA Mini to MVF-1 0.75m/29in
1 x K2.0006471 Battery Adapter Plate BAP-1
1 x K2.0006140 Mini Viewfinder Bracket MVB-1
1 X K2.0006347 Mini Adapter Plate MAP-2
1 X K2.0006352 Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-4
2 X K2.0006348 Mini Side Bracket MSB-1 for ALEXA Mini
1 X K2.0006334 Mini Adapter Plate MAP-1
2 x K2.66253.0 Support Rods 240mm/9.4in, 15mm

1 x 100008148 ALEXA Mini ARRIRAW License Key
1 x 100008147 ALEXA Mini 4:3 License Key
1 x 100014640 ALEXA Mini ARRI Look Library License Key
1 x K2.0023670
CPO – ALEXA Mini Viewfinder MVF-1
4 x CFast2.0 card 256GB
1 x ESR-TH01 Tilta top handle
1 x ESR-LTP01 Tilta Long Top Plate
1 x ESR-TR01 Titla Top ROD Adapter
1 x ESP-02 Top handle extension
1 x ESP-EH01
1 x ESR-EH02
1 x ESR-EH03
1 x ESR-P02 Tilta v mount battery plate
2 x ESR-SA01-L Tilta Side Arm
1 x ESR-TP01-B Tilta LSW Plate
1 x ESR-BR01 Tilta battery plate supporter
1 x ESR-BP01 Tilta Alexa MINI LSW Plate

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