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Arri Alexa Mini

Arri Alexa Mini


Arri Viewfinder
Arri top handle and side cage
Arri Original viewfinder mount
2 x MAP 2
1 x BPA 4
1 x BP8 with 19mm support
1 x Slide plate for tripod
1 set 15” rails
1 x Arri Supplied SMART APU V-Lock battery hot swap plate with 2 x power cords
1 x  V-Lock Battery plate
1 x Arri View finder extension
1 x Arri EL 3 Viewfinder extension rod
1 x Arri CSP 1 Shoulder Pad
1 x Arri PL Mount
1 x Arri Canon EF Mount
2 x 256g drives (Arri Supplied)
3 x 128g drives (Arri Supplied)
Angel Bird high speed card reader (Arri Supplied)
2 x Viewfinder cords
2 x Arri Antennas
1 x Arri AC Adaptor
1 x Arri DC Cord
1 x Arri audio break out cord to XLR
1 x Arri Original hard travel case
1 x Arri screw driver


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