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Arri Alexa Mini LF Camera package

Arri Alexa Mini LF Camera package

SKU: nm

2x VF Cables
LPL mount
LPL to PL adapter
Compact drive reader
2x 1TB compact drive
Ignite Digi top handle with viewfinder crossbar mount and Tilta viewfinder holder
Ignite Digi Top plate with top 15mm rod mounts
Ignite Digi bottom plate with 15mm rod mount
Ignite Digi Rosette bottom plate with quick release
Gold Mount Plate with D-Tap, USB-A, x2 DC Outlets
Arri Alexa Power to D-tap cable
Flexible Antenna
Arri Radio Antenna
Anvil-style Case
The cage from ignite digi is designed for quick release in/out of the Movi Pro and Ronin 2.

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