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Arri Alexa SXT EV camera package

Arri Alexa SXT EV camera package

SKU: ic

SXT Bundle: Open Gate, Anamorphic, Raw, Cine 4K
VF mount bracket
Center Handle
Wedge plate adapter
Battery Mount: Gold & V mount included
Innerspace Case
5x512gb Drives
Codex USB3 Capture drive Dock - CDX-75112
SXS Pro 32gb Mag
Codex SXS Adapter
SXR Media drive adapter
XR Media drive adapter
SD memory card
Film Tools Arri PL port cap
VF extension bracket
Handle extension bracket
Shoulder pad
BPA2 baseplate adapter
Tilta studio Baseplate
WC Dovetail
3x VF Cable
5 pin to 3 pin audio cable
2x Battery cable
Custom power cable
KC-20 power cable
Kramer Picotools SDI splitter
Locking + 12VDC power adapter
2x Dtap locking power cable
3mm driver
Wiha 5mm driver


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