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Arri WCU-4 Wireless kit

Arri WCU-4 Wireless kit

SKU: nd

Hand Unit
6x unmarked Rings
Cforce ini Motor
3x Batteries & Charger
Short & 2x Long LBus cable
SMC/EMC cable
EMC/SMC to LANC cable
SMC to Dtap cable
SMC to Epic Cable
Arri SXU-1
SXU1 hand unit
Unmarked Ring
CLM3 Motor
2x KCLM-3 Motor Cables
Stubby Antenna
3x SXU1 batteries & charger
UMC-4 Unit
3x CLM-4 Motors
6x KCLM-4 motor cables
12 Motor Gears
L Bracket
LCS Cable
LBus to LCS cable
EXT to RS Cable
RS to RS/Power in
UMC4 to Amira cable
Alexa Mini to LCS CAble
K-Alexa to CTM

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