Leica Noctilux 50mm

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This lens is super rare and only a handful exist. As you would expect from Leica, this lens performs extremely well in the corners with almost no chromatic aberration or fall-off and once out of focus, the soft swirly bokeh is truly breathtaking. The Leica M lenses have always been known as very special lenses, with the 50mm Noctilux the most legendary out of the set. The Noctilux is ultra-fast at T0.95 and as a result, performs extremely well in low light, it is a king of low light lenses, as well as having the option of a depth of field that allows you to seriously isolate your subject. Barry Lyndon, Stanley Kubrick style..
After being rehoused by TLS 'True Lens Services' in England, with cam-form metalwork and PL mount, the lens has an improved close focus of 2’4”. The lens also has a large image circle and as a result, can be used on RED MONSTRO, MINI LF and Sony VENICE in full sensor mode with no vignette.
This will very likely be the first, last and only time you see a Leica Noctilux 50mm T0.95 PL mount lens for sale!
* Two Aspherical Elements (ASPH)
* Five Partial Dispersion Glass Elements
* Aperture Range: T0.95 to T16
* Eleven Aperture Blades
* Rehoused by TLS
* PL Mount
* Covers VV/LF/FF
TLS have quoted $250 to supply a new outer housing which currently has 'Panny Hire L.A' engraved on it, should you want to replace the housing, it's also simple to swap over.
Supplied with a custom foam Pelican case.
Also supplied with an additional spare front element. I planned to have the lens coating removed on this additional front element, so I could have the option of shooting with a coated or uncoated front element (it is super easy to swap the front element over), but I never got around to having the coating removed, any lens tech could remove the coating easily enough, or you have a spare front element for the future.

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