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Meyer Gorlitz Full Frame Prime Vintage lens set

Meyer Gorlitz Full Frame Prime Vintage lens set

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2x 29mm F2.8 (1x Pentacon)
35mm F4.5
40mm F4.5
50mm F2.9
58mm F1.9
80mm F3.5
90mm F3.5
135mm F2.8
PL mount
Full Frame lenses
Only two sets in existence.
Beautiful “Bubble Bokeh” lenses
Rehoused by GL Optics
2 Custom Cases
Beautiful rehoused set (by GL Optics) in 2 custom cases. Meyer-Görlitz known for their "bubble bokeh" look and they cover Full Frame throughout. Both the 29mm's and the 80mm have new iris:es that replaced the original 6-blades for rounder 12-blades. Amazing "speaker cone" multi-color flares in many of them.
The Meyer-Görlitzes combine the old vintage look with a sense of German precision. Some lenses are a little bit softer than others (the 80mm being the softest and a beautiful close-up lens). A few film examples shot fully or partially with the Meyer’s can be provided


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