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Red Monstro 8K VV

Red Monstro 8K VV

SKU: ss1

Arri Top Plate for DSMC 2.0
Arri Top Handle for DSMC 2.0
4 inch Arri Too Handle Extension
Arri DSMC 2 EVF Mount
Arri  Cine Plte for DSMC 2.0
Arri BPS-2
Wooden Camera Bridge Plate
Red EVF  for DSMC 2.0
Red EVF Adaptor
Red 7 inch touch for DSMC 2.0
Red DSMC2.0 LCD Adaptor
Red DSMC base expander module
Red Gold Mount Module
DSMC 2.0 sidekick module
Aluminum VV PL mount
Aluminum VV EF Mount
C7 Adapters Canon FD mount
Kipon BAV Eyes Mamiya to Red Speed booster adapter
2x 1ft inch Red Monitor cables
1x 3ft Red monitor cable
1x 3ft Thin flexible cable (for gimbal work)
1x 6 Inch EVF cable
1x 12 inch power extension cable
1x 3 ft power extension cable
1x Alvins Cables TC cable
1x Red TC/Gen Lock/Sync Cable
2X 480gb Red SSD Cards
1x Kippertie 2TB long take SSD
2x red Media Cases
1x red mount case
1x Pelican Air 1637 Case with Yellow foam dividers
1x red AC power supply