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Red V Raptor 8K VV

Red V Raptor 8K VV

SKU: tm

Top Handle
DSMC3 Red Touch 7”
DSMC3 2x RMI cable 10” & 8”
DSMC3 LCD Rigid Hinge Installed
2x Wing grip
DSMC3 5 pin to Dual XLR adapter
Tactical top plate w/V mount battery adapter
WC RF to PL mount
WC RF to LPL mount
IgniteDigi camera support for PL & LPL
Foxeer Antenna
DSMC3 CF Express Card Reader
Red AC power back
4x 660gb CFExpress card
Bright Tangering Left Field 3 QR baseplate w/Movi pro adapter plate
Bright Tangerine Drumstix 15mm Titanium Support Rods 12” x2
Bright Tangerine Left Field Dovetail plate
Kippon LPL to PL Adapter

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