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Sony Venice Camera Package

Sony Venice Camera Package

SKU: bw

Serviced by Sony
- Full Frame License
    - High Speed License
    - Anamorphic License
• Sony AXS-R7 RAW Recorder
• Sony DVF-EL200 Viewfinder w/ mount
• 5x Sony AXS-A512S48 Memory Cards
• Sony AXS-AR1 Memory Card Reader w/ power supply
• Sony Venice top handle
• Arri K2.0017024 Top Plate
• Arri CCH-4 Camera Center Handle
• Arri K2.0017137 Riser Plate for Sony Venice
• Arri BP-9
• Arri 12” Sliding Base Plate
• Arri QRP-1 Quick Release Plate
• Arri WA-2 Handheld Bottom Plate
• Anton Bauer hot-swap dual battery plate
• Wooden Camera D-Box Power Distribution
• Wooden Camera A-Box Audio input
• 15mm iris rods - 13”
• 15v 4-pin XLR AC power supply
• 2x 4-pin XLR power cables
• 2x Thunderbolt cables
• Case

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