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Sony Venice camera package

Sony Venice camera package

SKU: pm

4 packages available





VF Cable
AXS-R7 recorder
WC D-Box gold mount
Thunderbolt Cable
Anton Bauer mount v mount to AB gold
4x Core SWX Hypercore 9 150wh GM batteries
AXS-CR1 USB card reader
2x Elements 19mm ultra rods 12”
AXS-AR1 & SXS reader
2x SXS Pro+ E series 256gb cards
2x 512gb S48 cards
WC A-Box
Elements 12” Dovetail
Caldigit USB 3ft Cable
2x Power cable
AC Adaptor
2x Elements 15mm ultra rods 12”
Universal bridge support USB-3
To plate
Sliding shoulder plate
2x AC cord Center handle
BPA5 adapter
WC D-Box power strip
Base plate Arri
Core SWX 4 position fast charger
RMB3 19mm rod mount
Viewfinder bracket
Viewfinder extension arm
Core SWX Cube 200W industrial AC PS
Anton bauer XLR4 power cable 10ft
BP8 19mm bridge plate
Innerspace Cage
Quick release plate QRP1
AXSM A series Card adapter


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