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Arri Alexa LF Camera package

Arri Alexa LF Camera package

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*This package has 3x WVR-1

1 4GB SDHC Card
1 A and J Cases TA07-127 Case for the Arri Alexa LF Camera
1 ALEXA 12V Accessory Cable Model KC 154-SP-S
1 3-Pin XLR Cabled 24v AC Power Supply ACPS
1 Arri 5-Pin XLR to stereo 3-pin xlr Audio Cable
2 24v 3-pin XLR to 2-Pin Fischer Power cable - Alexa Classic & LF
1 Arri BP-12 19mm Bridgeplate for the Alexa line of camera
1 Arri Top Handle CCH-1
1 Arri Eyepiece Leveling Rod EL-3
1 Arri Alexa Viewfinder EVF-1
1 Arri 14" EVF Cable Model KC 150-S
1 Arri 25" EVF Cable Model KC 151-S
1 Arri Alexa Large Format (LF) Camera Body
5 4.25" Antennas for the Alexa LF Wireless Video System
1 Arri LPL Mount for the Arri LF / Mini LF w/cap and 3 ears
1 Arri LPL to PL Mount Adapter w/caps
1 Arri Alexa SP-4 Shoulder Pad
1 Viewfinder Attachment Bracket VAB-1 (19mm and dual 15mm clamp)
1 Arri Viewfinder Extension Bracket VEB-1 / VEB-3
1 Arri Viewfinder Crosspipe w / 19mm End Cap
1 Arri Alexa Viewfinder Dual Post Mounting Bracket VMB-3
1 Codex CDX-37097 SXR Capture Drive Adapter for the Arri LF
1 Codex SXR Capture Drive Reader Model CDX-75014
1 Codex SxS Adapter for the Arri LF
1 Kaga Electronics 24v to 2-Pin Lemo AC Power Supply
1 "Mickey Mouse" 3-Prong AC cable
1 OSHA power cable
1 Thunderbolt 2 cable
2 Wooden Camera 24v Sharkfin w/Hex Key and 4 screws (Alexa LF)
1 Wooden Camera 24v Sharkfin cover (Alexa LF)
3x Arri Wireless Video Receiver (WVR-1) Package
1 12v C7 Type AC Power Supply Cable
5 4.25" Antennas for the Alexa LF Wireless Video System
1 Arri Multi Interface Adapter (MIA-1)
1 Arri Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1
1 Arri RPS-1 3-pin Female Lemo 15v Power Supply for WVR-1
1 Arri WVR-1 PTap Power Cable to 3-pin female Lemo
3x Codex CDX-37019 1TB dx ive
1x Codex CDX-37021 2TB drive

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