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Arri Alexa LF camera package

Arri Alexa LF camera package

SKU: mr

*New Sensor: 5 Hours
4x 2TB SXR capture drives
Viewfinder EVF-1
LPL mount PL adapter
Back & Front cap
Wooden Camera 26V Gold Mount Plus Battery Mount
WVR-1 set:
RPS-1 AC adapter x2
10x Antenna
Multi Interface Adapter
USB A to USB cable
LF Filter kit
2x Allen Keys
12v accessory cable
2x VF Cable
LF power cable
Alexa to Ethernet cable
VF extension bracket
Shoulder Pad
VF mounting bracket
Leveling block
Center Handle
Bridgeplate adapter BPA2
WC 24v Sharkfin
Handle extension block
Codex SXR Capture drive adapter
SXS Adapter 2
Codex Reader
Codex Reader AC adapter
ARRI Handle Extension HEX-3
Custom Arri LF Innerspace Case

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