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Arri Alexa Mini Camera package

Arri Alexa Mini Camera package

SKU: dc

Warranty end 9/23/23
4:3 & ArriRaw
1x VF Cable
PL LDS Mount LBus
2x256gb cards & reader
Tilta Cage:
Left & Right Side Arm
15mm LWS Baseplate
Battery extension bracket
Long top plate w/power pass thru
15mm LWS top rod adapter
Bottom cheese plate
Top handle
Gold mount battery plate
Battery Plate 15mm LWS rod adapter
Dovetail 12”
WC A-Box
VF bracket
VF cross pipe
Run/Stop cable           
AC power 24v
2x 15mm rods, 4” and 16”
2x 19mm rods 12”
Flight Case
Universal Quick release shoulder pad
Standard dovetail to shoulder pad plate
Top power connect module
Battery power life display w/digital voltage meter


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