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Arri Alexa Mini camera package

Arri Alexa Mini camera package

SKU: ki

*Had to cover the sellers sticker but the Arri logo is there!

4:3 & ArriRaw
Look Library
PL Mount Port Cap    
VF  Cable    
VF Bracket MVB-1    
2xMAP-2 Top/Bottom Plate    
MSB-1 Side Rail    
MSB-2 Side Rail w/ 15 mm Reduction Insert    
BPA-4 Riser    
2x Medium 15mm Rod    
WC Gold Mount D-Box w/Mini Rod Base    
12V Power Supply with OSHA Cable    
12V Power Cable XLR4M to XLR4F    
12V Power Cable XLR4M To Lemo 8    
USB Stick    
MAP-1 Top/Bottom Plate
CSP-1 Mini Rod Shoulder Pad With Mni Rod Adapter    
WC A-Box    
CFast 2.0 Card Reader    
6xCFast 2.0 Card 128 GB    


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