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Arri Alexa Mini camera package

Arri Alexa Mini camera package

SKU: ag

4:3 & ArriRaw
Look Library
PL mount w/LBus
EF mount
2xVF Cable
Ethernet cable
V mount splitting Box MK2
Gold mount adapter plate MK2
BAP1 Battery Adapter plate
MVB-1 Viewfinder bracket
MAP2 Adapter plate
BPA4 brige plate adapter
MSB1 side bracket
MAP1 Adapter plate
Bottom plate 300mm Side
CSP1 Shoulder pad
Reduction insert ring 15mm
Support Rods 19mm 540mm
Support Rods 15mm 440mm
Support Rods 15mm 340mm
CCH2 Center Handle
5x256gb Cfast Cards
Codex Card reader CDX7515
Pelican Case


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