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Arri Alexa Mini camera package

Arri Alexa Mini camera package

SKU: jn

4:3 & ArriRaw
PL mount
EF mount
3x 190W Anton Bauer Batteries
1x Anton Bauer Quad Charger
1x Arri EVF W/ 2 Cables
1x Tilta Alexa Mini cage
1x Ultralight Arm
1x Small 502 HD Monitor
1x 502 Battery Pack to Dtap
2x 128 GB Memory Cards
3x 256GB Memory Cards
1x Memory Card Case
2x Card Reader
1x Shoulder pad
2x Handles
1x Base Plate (15mm rods)
1x Abox (for sound)
1x Custom 1650 Pelican Case (Holds Everything)


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