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Arri Alexa Mini camera package

Arri Alexa Mini camera package

SKU: ee

4:3 & ArriRaw
Look Library
Omega Case
(1) MVF-1
(1) MVF-1 cable
(1) 19mm Studio Tilta Standard to Arri Standard Multi-Functional Baseplate
2) 12" 15mm rods
(2) 8" 15mm rods
(1) Antenna
Tilta Cage:
Top Handle
EVF Support for Arri Alexa Mini/Mini LF Camera Cage
◦EVF Holder for Arri Standard Interface
◦19mm EVF Holder Support Rod
◦15mm LWS to 19mm EVF Holder Support Rod Adapter
Top Plate
Top handle Support bracket
Sliding battery plate
Battery plate
Left Side Arm
Right Side Mount bracket
Right Side arm
Side accessory mount plate
15mm single rod holder
Base connection plate
15mm LWS Baseplate

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