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Arri Alexa Mini camera package

Arri Alexa Mini camera package

SKU: hh

4:3 & ArriRaw
4x 256gb Cfast Cards and USB-C Sandisk Reader
PL mount
Port cap
VF Cable
15mm Rod 4"
Tilta Gear: Top handle, LWS short top plate, Side bracket
Top plate battery ext, Top long plate, 15mm lw baseplate
15mm top rod adapter, 15mm Lws to 19mm
LCD holder rod adapter
Tilta Power Distributor and Gold mount battery plate
300mm Dovetail 12"
Innerspace case
8 pin power to 4 pin XLR cable
8 pin power to DTap cable
Timecode cable 5pin to 5pin
Sound to miniplug cable
Wooden Camera ABox

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