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Arri Alexa XT Plus

Arri Alexa XT Plus


Arri Alexa XT Plus $57,500
Open Gate
High Speed
De-Squeeze License
ProRes Codec
QuickTime File Format Option
DNXHD License Key
Codex SXS XR Adapter
4x Codex CDX-3730 512gb Mag
Codex Single Drive Dock
Codex Power Supply & USB & Cable
Electric Viewfinder EVF-1
VF Extension Bracket
VF mounting bracket
Center Camera Handle
Handle extension block
Shoulder Pad
Leveling Block
BP-13 Bridge Plate 15mm
Sliding Base Plate
Set of Long Iris Rods 15mm
Gold Mount Battery Adapter
2x VF Cables short & medium
12v accessory cable
2x 24v power cable
Audio Y-cable
Flight Case
12 anton bauer dionic HC batteries
Anton Bauer LP4 battery charger
2x Anton bauer interactive 2000 battery charger



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