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Jimmy Jib

Jimmy Jib


Original Jimmy Jib Triangle includes all the necessary support cables and accessories to create a jib with a reach of 6’ to 24’. The package has double primary items for back up such as electronic control boxes, additional zoom and joystick controllers, master electrical cables, and remote head motors. Custom designed and manufactured weight cart is included as well as a BON 15” Jib Monitor, Dutch Head and Track Wheels.

Tube Case # 1 – “3 Wheel Dolly”
3 X Stanton Off-Road Wheels
3 X Stanton Safety Straps
3 X Stanton Leveling Screw Down Jacks 3 X Stanton Wheel Locks
1 X Stanton 3 Wheel Dolly Base

Tube Case #2 – “Tripod and Accessories” 1 X Stanton Adjustable Height Tripod
2 X Stanton Accessory Bags Includes:

Tube Case #3 – “Extensions”
6 X 3’ Extension Tubes
6 X Extension Tube Cloth Sleeves

Tube Case #4 – “Fulcrum, Head, Tail, Tail Extension” 1 X Stanton Fulcrum Section
1 X Stanton Head Section
1 X Stanton Tail Section
1 X Stanton Tail Extension Section 4 X Cloth Sleeves

Large Pelican Case #1 “Remote Head” 2 X Stanton Control Boxes
1 X Stanton Remote Head
3 X Remote Head Motors
1 X Each Follow Focus, Zoom, Iris (Gears for 38 Pitch Film, Canon, Fuji) 1 X Zoom Hand Control
1 X Joystick Pan/Tilt Control
1 X Remote Iris Control
All Electrical Cables

Large Pelican Case #2 “Cables”
1 X 24’ Strut, Side Strut & Pulley Cables
1 X 18’ Strut, Side Strut & Pulley Cables
1 X 15’ Strut & Pulley Cables
1 X 12’ W/Rear Extension Strut & Pulley Cables 1 X 12’ Strut & Pulley Cables
1 X 9’ Pulley Cable
1 X 6’ Pulley Cable
1 X Bag of 30 X Stanton Jib Section Screws
1 X Tool Bag: 20 X Bungee Ball
1 X Custom Adjustable Monitor Arm Attachment

Dutch Head Case
1 X Stanton Dutch Head Kit Complete

Bon 15” Monitor Case
1 X 15” Bon Jib Monitor (Super Bright, useable in direct sunlight)

Additional and Back Up Items:
1 X Stanton 38 Pitch Follow Focus (Heavy Duty Infinity Follow Focus Motor to be used on 15mm or 19mm Rods.
1 X Extension Arm
1 X Small Pelican Case

1 X Stanton Jib Arm End Mitchell Attachment (Allows for Mitchell Based Fluid Heads to be used instead of Remote Head.

1 X 50’ Extension Cable (Allows for “Off-Jib” Operations by allowing Pan/Tilt to be operated 50’ away from Jib).

Additional Zoom Handle Control, Pan and Tilt Handle Control, And Control Cables

Additional Control Box

Custom Designed and Manufactured Weight Cart 7 X 50 lbs. Weights
1 X C - Stand Holder
1 X Milk Crate Holder
Adjustable Handles for either High or Low Position for Push/Pull Set Up Quick and Complete Dismantling for Easy Transport/Storage.

Willy’s Widgets Jimmy Jib Track Wheels

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