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Leica R Cine Modded

Leica R Cine Modded

SKU: sv

The serial numbers closely match one another, all from the early 80s. The lenses are cine modded and declicked by Duclos, EF mount, they just got back from servicing a week ago, the T-Stops were tightened to eliminate any aperture drifting.

19mm Elmarit-R (Serial # 384748738669)
24mm Elmarit-R (Serial # 3328591)
35mm Summilux-R 1.4 (Serial # 3388274)
50mm Summilux-R 1.4 (Serial # 3729314)
85mm Summilux-R 1.4 (Serial # 3399095)
135mm Elmarit-R 2.8 (Serial # 2966488)


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