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Phantom VEO 4K camera package

Phantom VEO 4K camera package

SKU: sm

New in 2022

Blue A&J Camera Case:
body cap & CF Card slot plug
A/C Power Supply with AC Plug
6’ Power Cable with fischer connector and 3 Pin XLR
Trigger (pickle) switch with 13’ cable
2) 256 AV PRO CF cards in case
ProGrade Dual-Slot SD/CFAST card reader w/18” USB3 Cable
16) White clips to hold ethernet cable to Bolt Umbilical
50’ 10G Ethernet Cable
16’ 10G Ethernet Cable
6’ Loom for Bolt Jr+ (ethernet cable removed)
1)15mm x 12” rod
Vision Research USB Wifi Adaptor
Phantom VEO Shims
Cameo Phantom VEO Kit:
2) Cheese Plates
Rosette Bar
Black A&J Computer Case:
INTEL NUC Serial # GEED229004WD w/4TB internal RAID
Kensington Expert Mouse with wrist pad
Cherry Stream wired keyboard serial #00000263-132
Acer V176L b 17-Inch SXGA LCD Display with Stand Serial #MMMLZFAA002223017BD8557
A/C Power Cable
USB-C Thunderbolt 3 to VGA Adaptor
Black SKB Phantom AKS & Spares Case:
6’ Loom Cable for Bolt – with the ethernet cable inside
2) Cat6 Ethernet Cable
USB Cable
6’ VGA Cable – Monoprice
CAT6 Ethernet Connector
Cheese Plate for Phantom VEO. – Spare
2) Right Angle USB Adaptors
USB2 : USB3 cable
USB2 Extension Cable
Micro USB2 to USB cable
1M Thunderbolt 4 Cable
VGA Cable - Spare
BNC to Din 1.0/2.3 Right Angle HD-SDI Cable
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