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Red Gemini 5K camera package

Red Gemini 5K camera package

SKU: ss2

Arri Top Plate for DSMC 2.0
Arri Top Handle for DSMC 2.0
Arri Broadcast Plate for DSMC 2.0
Arri QRP-1 quick release plate
Red Titanium PL Mount
Red Titanium EF Mount
Red 5 Inch Monitor
Red Lemo Adaptor B
6 Inch Lemo cable for montitor
Red Base Expander Module
Wooden Camera Gold Mount Module
Teradek DSMC 2.0 Bolt 500XT module
DSMC S35 standard OLPF
DSMC S35 low light OLPF
DSMC S35 skin tone OLPF
1 AC power supply
2x Anton Bauer Cine 90 batts
1x Anton Bauer T2 Charger
1x Red Camera Brain case
Arri Cine Plate for DSMC 2.0
Additional Top Plate for Arri DSMC 2.0
2x Tilta Hand Grips
1x 580 GB SSD and Case

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