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Red Gemini Ranger camera package

Red Gemini Ranger camera package

SKU: pm

Magnesium PL mount
Ranger LCD/VF adapter D
Red Pro 7” LCD Scratched
Gold mount
WC A-Box
2x Elements 19mm ultra rods 12”
WC Easy Riser
Elements 12” Dovetail
Core SWX Cube 24v power supply
2x Power cable
Viewfinder mount
4x Anton Titon SL 150 gold mount batteries
USBC To USBA cable
4ft 3pin 24v power cable
2x 480gb Red Mini mag
WC unified bridgeplate 19mm
Core SWX 4 position charger
Viewfinder eyecup
Mini Mag Reader
2x Elements 15mm ultra rods 12”
Audio cable
2x Red VF cable
Ranger 2B power cable 10ft


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