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Sony Venice 1 camera package

Sony Venice 1 camera package

SKU: pm

All Licenses
AXS-AR3 thunderbolt card reader
2x 512gb S48 cards
2x Sony 128gb SXS cards
SXS pro thunderbolt 3 reader
WC D-Box gold mount
Anton V mount to AB gold
AXS-R7 recorder
WC A-Box
elements 12” Arri Dovetail
Sliding shoulder plate
AC cord
DVF-EL200 Viewfinder
VF Cable
CCH4 center handle
BPA5 bridge plate
WC D-Box power strip & Cable
RMB3 19mm rod mount
Viewfinder brcket
Anton XLR4 power cable
Quick release plate
Top plate
Arri plate
Side bracket right
Viewfinder bracket
AC power supply
Caldigit thunderbolt 4 active cable USB x2


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