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Sony Venice 1 Camera package

Sony Venice 1 Camera package

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High Speed
Full Frame
PL Mount
AXS-R7 Recorder
DVF-EL200 OLED Viewfinder
Viewfinder Tube
Dual Rod EVF Holder
Sony AXSM to AXS-A Card Adapter
Sony AXSM to AXS-A Card Reader
ARRI Bottom Dovetail Plate - 12"
AC Adapter for AXSM S×S Reader
Sony AC Cable
AC Power Cable
EVF Cable - 20 in
EVF Cable - 20 in
USB Type A to USB Type B Cable
5x Sony 512GB S48 AXS-A Memory Card
4pin XLR (Female) to AC Adapter
2x Iris Rod - 19"
Iris Rod - 11 3/4"
Arri Handheld rig with rosettes
Attaching base plate for arri Handheld rig.
Tilta Camera cage and carrying handle
Tilta Gold mount Battery plate.

*Arri Cage
1 Large Hard case for the camera package.


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