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Sony Venice 2 Camera package

Sony Venice 2 Camera package

SKU: zb

DVF-EL200 OLED Viewfinder
Anamorphic License for Venice 2
Full Frame License for Venice 2
Sony Venice 2 8K Optical Head Sensor Block
4 x Sony 1TB AXSM Media Cards
2 x Sony Venice EVF Cable - 21"
Sony Venice PL Mount
Sony Venice EVF Rod Bracket
Sony AXS-AR3 Reader
ARRI Pro Set for Venice 2
ARRI CCH-4 Center Camera Handle
ARRI VMB-3 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket
ARRI VMB-3 Rod Bracket for EVF
ARRI Top Plate for Venice 2
ARRI Base Plate for Venice 2
ARRI BPA-5 Bridge plate Adapter
ARRI 12" Dovetail
ARRI Side Bracket Left for Venice 2
ARRI Side Bracket Right for Venice 2
ARRI BP-9 15mm Bridgeplate
Wooden Camera D-Box Gold Mount
Innerspace Case w/ Custom Cut Foam

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