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Sony Venice 2 camera package

Sony Venice 2 camera package

SKU: zm

All Licenses
Sony E mount adapter
Arri PL
Turret plug for PL mount
DVF-EL200 Viewfinder
VF bracket tube clamp
VF Bracket Rod
VF cable x2
Core 24v D-Box gold mount MKII
2x Power cable
WC A-Box
Top plate
CCH4 Handle
Right & Left side bracket
2x 13.4” 15mm rods
4x 1TB AXS A series memor card
Thunderbolt AXSM Reader
WC D-Box Gold
Standard Top handle
Power supply w/ac cable
VF mounting shoe aka cross pipe
Venice D Box Link Cable 2.5”, 5.5”
WA2 wedge adapter
VF adjustment bracket
VF bracket
WC D-Box power strip

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