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Sony Venice 2 Camera package

Sony Venice 2 Camera package

SKU: jh

Full Frame
PL mount
Port cap
Riser plate
ENG style riser attachment w/Arri WA-2
VCT14 tripod plate
To plate
Side bracket left & right
VF bracket MVB-1
DVF-EL200 Viewfinder
Native V mount battery plate
WC A-Box
3x 1TB S66 cards
2x 15mm rod 13”
2x15mm Rod 18”
2x VF cable
E mount port cap
WC 15v power supply
AXS-AR3 card reader
AC adapter for AR3
USB C male to male cable
WC D-Box gold mount
Breakout Box /power strip for D-Box
Short 2” breakout box cable
Medium 3.5” breakout box cable
19mm top plate for BP8 sliding baseplate
16gb Ultra USB
Innerspace Case

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