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Trinity 2 / Artemis

Trinity 2 / Artemis

SKU: rr

I have a ton of pictures if you need more, please email that request


including the Artemis 2
Head Gen 2, 16pin X Body
Ring Main Cable
Dovetail Utility Base/3
Side to Side Fine adjustment
Stabilizer adapter mount SAM-Zero
Cam power Gen 2, Alexa Mini/Amira 24v
Cam power Gen 2, 4pin XLR, 12v
12g HD SDI BNC cable 0,63m/25”
Artemis docking bracket 1.8 inch
CSS Post Tool for Artemis & Trinity
Gimbal 1.8”
Gimbal handle extender
Artemis Carbon center post 1.8”
Post main cable 3B 16pin
Battery hanger module
Power cable
Support rods 305mm 12”
Support rods 120mm 4/7”
Hinge for BHM2 Gen 2
Battery mounting base
Trinity Pendulum Gen 2
Remote control panel
CSS clamp brige 52, 19mm
FS Can bus cable 10”
Trinity 2 Basic Label set
Info package Trinity 2 Artemis 2
Gold mount for BMS1/BMS2, set
3x Gold mount for BMS1/BMS2
Two controllers set
12g HD SDI BNC cable 33”
Master grip Trinity
MTG monitor power cable 2pin & 6 pin
Joystick cable x2 Mini/Amira
Power cable Gen 2 24v, 12v Mini/Amira
Power cable 24v 2 pin fischer, Alexa
Power cable 24v Venice
Support Rods 340mm 19mm
Support Rods 440mm 19mm
Stabilizer system bracket
ARS1 Cube set
Counterweight Set
Counterweight 25gr 0.055lbs
Counterweight 50gr 0.110lbs
3/8-16 extension
Counterweight Ring Donut 800gr
Post extension 1.8”, 3B, 16pin, 8.5”
Post Tool for Trinity and Artemis
Clamp bridge 52, 19mm
Two wheel set
Third wheel set
Mitchell mount for Spider
RCP ext power supply set G mount
RCP battery mount Gold
12v Batt power cable Dtap
2x Stabilizer adapter mount SAM-6
Super Post Main Cable, 3B 16 pin
Joystick cable
Bottom Stage Gen 2 16pin
Long steel QL plate 315mm
12g HD SDI BNC cable 33”
Cam power Gen 2 4pin XLR 12v
Long Steel QL plate 450mm
ERM-2400 EXT 2.4 GHz RXD-TXD Pro set LCS


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